Miley Cyrus outfit inspired

  I have previously been known to not be Miley Cyrus’s number one fan…however her recent make-over on several occasions has left me thinking ‘I really like that outfit’, words which I had never imagined saying before!! Reading the daily mail today (please don’t judge), I saw her rocking the monochrome stripe print that is in fashion at the minute and felt I needed to share!

miley cyrus


I love how she has mixed classic brogues with a modern bold monochrome print and a black velvet crop top!  I really like her layered necklace and bracelets, however the earrings I don’t think I will be purchasing any time soon!

Here is how to achieve this look…

image1xl H-By-Hudson-Womens-Lincoln-Navy-Shoes-3 black croptop image4xl

Necklace £10 from ASOS  –

Shoes £135 from H by Hudson at Office –

Crop top £32 from American Apparel –

Trousers £48 from Warehouse available at ASOS

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Just not worth the money…

I was thinking the other day about the amount of things I have probably purchased…and then never used!! Safe to say there are many items now lying at the bottoms of my draws or stashed away in old handbags that I just could not recall because they were just that awful!!

Here is a run down of those items…

1.Urban decay de-slick:

Main Issue: Doesn’t de-slick…absolutely pointless purchase as it does not work! Could just be my skin as I know many people swear by it, but I just don’t rate it!!

Found: At the bottom of my make-up draw

urban decay

2. Charles Worthington Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer

Main Issue: My hair felt less sleek having used this product than it did before.  However if you like dry hair then yes, give it a go! It wasn’t exactly cheap either…Cheated!!

Found: In my toiletry box with a lot more products that I do not useee…oops


3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry

Main Issue: So dark….so so dark!! Remember that phase where everyone started wearing dark plum coloured lipstick, well I thought this was the perfect colour!! Nope…it in turn enhanced my pale skin and made me look a little bit gothic! A nice colour butttt not on me!

Found: In one of my older makeup bags


4. Xen Tan transform luxe gradual tanner

Main Issue: I have issues with fake tan brands that claim its impossible to streak them.  Now unless I am incredibly gifted and can streak even the un-streakable, then Xen tan, like many tans before, have lied to me!! It is a moisturizer fake tan, and I applied it using the must have mit….however the result was still the streakiest tan I have ever had!! Not really what I was after!

Found: In a box with the rest of the fake tan I appear to have collected over the years!


5. Vaseline Crème Brulee lip balm

Main Issue: Why crème brulee? It doesn’t smell, nor does it taste like crème brulee…so I might as-well have just purchased original Vaseline?? I am definitely one for getting sucked in by advertisements and this is a prime example….! Nice packaging though, although this might just be my issue!

Found: In an old handbag in the back of my wardrobe


There are probably many more items lying around my room that are rapidly collecting dust, however I haven’t found them yet!! Do let me know about those items that YOU thought that YOU couldn’t live without? Xx

Essential Denim!

Every year denim/denim-esque material saturates the fashion world with various new pieces that we have to have!! This year is no exception, from A-line skirts to shirts to dresses and even dungarees!! You name it, its probably made of denim!! Here are my favourite pieces so far!


denim dress h and m denim jacket h and m denim shirt h and m


dahlia at asos denim dress denim esque asos



denim topshop2 denim topshop denim topshop 3

Urban Outfitters:

urban denim urban denim 2 urban 3



Urban Outfitters:

H&M: www.h&

Topshop and Office Haul!!

 I finished my semester exams on monday, so I went back to see my family for a few days and went shopping…

I thought I would just share with you the items I bought, all from Topshop and Office.


red socks sock black

I have wanted socks like these for agesss!! I love wearing socks that pull up above my boots and shoes etc as I think it just looks nicers when your wearing tights,

that might just be me though!! I got them in these colours, as I am constantly wearing burgundy/plum colours and black is pretty much a staple.

I also bough a white pair as it was three sets for £8 which was EXCELLENT!!

topshop skirt

This is the skirt I bought!! Its a denim skater style skirt, I really wanted one last summer so I am really glad they have come back this year!!

I am just going to wear it at the minute with some tights and my little white converse for a more casual day time look!!

oversized tsshirt

Topshop does some great basics and I bought their oversized t-shirts in grey marl and white!!

These are so easy for just throwing over soime jeans and wrapping a nice scarf around for a day when you just do not know what to wear!!


brogue black

These are my new brogues that I purchased from Office, or as my mother calls them my ‘call the midwife shoes’ (this is a programme in England set in the 20’s).

I love them, I have been looking for some for ages and then found these, I cannot wait to wear them today….does anyone get like this??

Top 10 drug store products!

 This blog will just be a quick review of my favourite drug store products!! I used to be a high end makeup and beauty junkie, however I am trying to cut down so instead I am on a serious quest to find the cheapest and the best available products!  If you disagree with any, or could recommend any that you think I should try pleaseeee let me know 🙂

1. Bourjois 123 Foundation


High coverage, long lasting, dewy finish…perfect for anyone that has oily combination skin like I do.  I was so excited for this foundation as drugstores do not usually cater for skin types like mine!!

2.  Bourjois flower primer

foundation primer

Silky, smoothing only down side is there is only a small amount of product for the price…BOOO

3. Collection 2000 concealer

collection 2000 concealer

Rediculously good coverage, long lasting and best of all its under £3

4. Barbara Daly concealer


High coverage, creamy concealer! Amazing staying power aswell! Possibly stay clear of this one if you have dry skin. Barbara Daly products are available from Tesco’s, and I cannot even explain to you how good a value they are!! I bought this when I had forgotten my makeup bag, and it was actually better than the stuff I had left at home…and it was cheaper!!

5. Real Techniques Stipling Brush

rea techniques

This is the best thing I have ever bought!! I am a massive Pixiwoo fan, and am always watching their videos! So I was really excited when Sam brought out her own brushes!! This brush I use to apply my foundation, and I will never go back to using the normal flat streaky foundation brushes!! It really works the foundation into your skin so it looks flawless!! Please let me know if any of their other brushes are as good??

6. Benefit lip tint


This is amazing!! Make sure your lips are moisturized first though!! It does exactly what is says, tints your lips!! If your like me and hate that your have to constantly reapply you lipstick then this is probably for you!! It is a really nice red/pink colour and stays on until you remove your makeup!! Also because it does not have the creamy shine that a lipstick has, it is great for adding a bit of colour in the day time!!

7. Revlon colour stay nail varnish


These are amazing matter nail varnishes that come in a massive array of colours, which is brilliant!! They also dry relatively quickly, which is good if you don’t like to wait around like me!!

8. Une mineral foundation


Buildable coverage, amazing for your skin!! By far much better than bare minerals and laura mercier’s mineral powder, and its cheaper!!

9. Eyelure individual lashes


Great if you have tiny eyes like me, and the ready made eyelashes are constantly too big for you!! Granted they are quite fiddly, but definatly create a nice effect!!

10. Dream matte mousse blusher


Gives a really nice dewy finish!! Doesn’t leave those annoying blush lines and works great with a liquid foundation!! Will be perfect for spring/summer when it finally gets here!!

Getting Shirty..

 I keep going online to shop…obviously..and keep finding shirts and shirt dress that I love!! Shirts in my opinion are great for wearing in the day time for a smart/casual look and can also be transformed for an amazing tailored/classy night time outfit.  This is why I love shirts at the minute, and consequently where I think my next pay cheque might be headed!!

Keep it military esque….

I love the military embellishments on the blue shirt here, the golden button detailing makes it so interesting!  I thought the khaki and black dress was really different, especially in the shape of the dress.  I would potentially keep this dress for the day time, throw on some tights and chunky boots for a smart casual look that will literally take seconds!!

asos shirt dress asos shirt

Fringe fest….

Fringe detailing seems to be everywhere at the minute, so why not carry the trend onto your shirt! I think this look is quite nice, although granted, its probably not for everyone!! I would just team it with casual tailored trousers or shorts, maybe stay away from denim at risk of looking like a cowgirl…not ideal!

fringe shirt

Keep it simple with classic denim…

I love denim shirts, I do find them quite hard to wear though!! This shirt I love however, and I really like how Forever 21 has styled it!! The studded embellishments are really nice and not over the top, which I sometimes have trouble with in forever 21.  Here I think they have got it just right!! I love the addition of the necklace, as I am loving that collar/necklace trend at the minute!!

denim shirt

If your one for a quirky print…try PUGS!

Patterned shirts are also in every shop you could possibly think of. I think the swallow print has probably been reused by everyone, and now were onto pugs…  Having said that, I really like how its a small print, and the colours are so pretty together and would look great in spring.  Its quirky and its fun, and I really enjoy it!

pugs shirt

Keep it classic…

These next two items I think are more classic example of shirts with a modern twist!  The shirt is embellished with collar tips, and could be easily worn under a chunky cable knit jumper for a casual day look, or tucked into some tailored shorts or a pencil skirt for a night out!! The dress can also be worn for multiple occasions, it can be worn with or without the belt and dressed up or down!!

blouse forever 21 shirt dress

The above items can all be found at either or

They also have several more designs to choose from Xx

Back to the Sixties with Topshop

I was browsing Topshop earlier, as I have vouchers to spend yayyy!! Anyway I came across their new ‘Debutante’ collection, which I instantly fell in love with as it reminded me of modern prints meet the vintage sixties, and its Amazinggg!!  Most of it is very structured and tailored which I think looks great in Spring time!! Here are some of my favourites..

colllar blouse 2 umbrella jacet lace pants 36H05DDUC_large

Slightly random umbrella thrown into the mix there, butttt I like the pattern, and I live in England so an umbrella is almost more vital than clothes!!

Here is a link so you can shop debutante style…


Floaty dresses!

 I am currently meant to be saving for my summer holiday…good story… as quite frankly the thought of saving alone has made me want to buy the whole world clothing wise!! As soon as the money piles up in my account it mysteriously transforms into an ASOS parcel…how did this happen?? Anyway I was on ASOS this morning, and found more things to put into my virtual basket online…does anyone else pile everything into theirs??  My newest items that I feel are needs (they never are) are these floaty dresses from ASOS.

floaty dress floaty 2 detailing 2 detailing

The detailing on them both is amazinggg!! I love how floaty they are, yes the plum coloured one (yes my fave colour again) is slightly more impractical than the grey but who cares I love it!! For both the dresses I am however pondering where I would wear them both?

The plum dress can be found here

The grey dress can be found here

Do let me know what you think about these, or even those items you cant afford but are considering purchasing anyway! I would love to hear from you!! Xx

Chanel (not so) Perfection Lumiere..

chanel perfection lumiere


So this is a review of the relatively new perfection lumiere (Last year…I think)! It replaced my favourite foundation everrrr which was Chanel’s matt lumiere, and unfortunately it does not live up to the name!!

Yes, unfortunately there is nothing perfect about this foundation! It is the single most drying foundation I have ever used!! It clings to every pore, and almost highlights any dry areas you might not even know that you have…not ideal!! Now I use heavy duty E45 and a primer, so I really didn’t understand how this foundation managed to make my skin worse than it looked prior to putting on make-up!!

Another issue is that as it states on the bottle, it claims to be long wear…wrong!!! I have combination skin, so the middle of my face does get quite oily, however the lady at the Chanel counter claimed it would work for me! Funnily enough it didn’t, I wouldn’t have minded but its a pricey foundation that is now lying in the bottom of my make-up draw!!  I found that by the end of the day, the foundation had disappeared off major areas of my face such as my chin, nose and forehead (problem areas) and it had also caked up making it look like I had several layers of different foundation on!!

I say bring back matte lumiere, it really was the most amazing foundation!  I would like to try the Chanel aqua foundation thought, so haven’t burnt my bridges with Chanel makeup yet ha!!

Let me know if you had the same experiences with this foundation, or if you really liked it? I would be happy to hear from you!!! Xx

Vintage Renewal @ Urban outfitters!!

 I have only just recently started shopping at urban outfitters, and I am somewhat addicted!! This blog post will be more of a review of their vintage renewal line! This line is basically made up of clothing sourced from around the world to ‘bring the past right back to the present’.  The clothing is all pre-worn so if your a lover of brand new clothing this line might not be for you! Having said this, I think the collection is incredible and from looking at the garments themselves they look like they could be brand new!! I have always wanted to get involved in the vintage buying world, but could never find the right shops, and often when its hanging on a rail your not sure whether what your buying would look right or not? However with urban outfitters line you can see the vintage pieces along side their normal collection, on real models which makes it so much easier to shop!

5413417125640_Denim_sm1 5413462097760_Green_sm1 5415439197400_Khaki_sm1 5416465081301_Black_sm1 5416465082609_Black_sm1 5416465086601_Brown_sm1 army jacket vintage

All the items above I would happily wear, and are all very similar to my style!!   However there are many more pieces from the vintage renewal range and you can find them at